Application from old Eyez!

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Application from old Eyez!

Post  old.Eyez on Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:05 am

Hello everybody in ST!

I know some of u from the old days on Excalibur, and thats the main reason why im making an application here on your forum! clown

Name: Claus Pedersen

Age: 28

Nationality: Viking (Dane)


SM/RM/WL/Skald/Zerker/Thane/Hunter/Shaman all templated and ML10
Healer not in gear yet but ML10

They are all in my 1 man guild Modus Minor!

Something about myself:

28 years old. Live in Aarhus, Denmark with my lady!, And im working 50-60 hours each week, so will be most active in the weekends, and a few hours in the weekdays tho! I have played DAoC since beta in EU in 2001, i have had a few breaks, and also sold my old EU accounts a few years ago!

But here is a little reminder for the ppl there knows the name Eyez OnU:

Been an active RvR whore on excalibur in the good actie days, my first toon was Eyez OnU the Norse Warrior there was known from the days in Nolby Pride! Got inerested in Hib, and decided to delete my warrior and rerolled as Eyez OnU the Elf chanter in Llaw Arian! But my heartbeats was beating for midgard, so i decided to say goodbye to all the friends i made in LA, Vgn, DH etc and deleted the chanter and rerolled as Eyez OnU the Norse SM!

When I returned to midgard as Eyez the SM, I had 1 plan and 1 goal! I wanted to show/learn Midgard that they could be strong with a decent pbaoe setup instead of just the fotm savage guilds there was!

I contacted my old GM Fatbelly (NP), and his answer was that NP didnt wanted to play with SM's in the grps, even tho i was an old member and known as a pbaoe player in LA! SO I was thinking and thinking! Was looking for ppl I saw/have meet in Emain, I contacted a few Red Guard playersand the players in Defiance about my idea! Afer 3-4 days my plan came to the final step, I meet the guys from Red Guard and Defiance in Agirhamn at guild registrarer and a few minutes after <Ora Minus> was created! I had the goal and setup rdy with the players i have found/invited from the start! I wanted to make midgards first succesful pbaoe guild! And I was lucky andid it! We joined FoM alliance and was a great helping hand in the defence/offence when Ardamel called for us Cool

Ora Minus was strong, and farmed more rps then NP and JH did with their savage setups!
With 8man we farmed 17mil rps in 1 month (remember we didnt get many rps back in those days pr kill) And we saved JH/NP's asses many times in Emain, ad we also made a few records with Ora Minus like these:

Only guild there killed 13 fg's alb zerg in 1 fight
Only guild there killed 1fg LA and 1 fg Vgn in max 5 secs!
and then me and Astona made also a few personal records
My personal records in mid/hib was:
Solo 2 fg's FoM in 1 fight on chanter
49 DBs in row in Emain on SM
78 DB's in row made by only me and Astona at Crim, where we jumped at the back and killed all the hibs there

I also played Camlann after I sold old Eyez, where i was in Fear and had 16 lvl 50's and highest RR was my SB there was 7l6, after that I returned to Exc known as Xarga and ended at rr6 and was in TDA, until i had to leave again for RL.

So I have said enough now, i have experienced a lot in DAoC, and now im on a not so old account with plenty of toons between rr3-6, but i have the experience tho pirat

I was also CO helper on the first ML raids in mid/exc,where i remember Mazdaline aka Shivae was a part of the raids aswell Smile

So im not just a rvr whore, i like to help and do a little pve from time to time! I have also Legendary AC/SC/Alch/Tailor if anybody needs Smile

Hope to hear from u either here on the forum or ingame /who Modus and u find me when im online Smile

Regards Eyez


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Re: Application from old Eyez!

Post  Chosen on Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:46 am

Well, I have played with you before, so has Tiax(Old Tiac). And I do not doubt your skills as a player, and you seem like a nice guy! I doubt it will take long before you adapt into our guilds playstyle.

You also have a wide selection of characters you're able to play with, and that is a great asset for our guild. Especially during the weekends when not so many are online at the same time(Except some sundays Razz)

I wish you welcome to our guild, and hope to get to know you even better=)

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Re: Application from old Eyez!

Post  Tiac on Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:58 pm

I found that wall of text really interesting to read, its like a untold story from the good old days Very Happy

This game still brings back nostalgia, I still love how DAoC lives and breathes for us old players:)
Its a shame we dont get much fresh blood in the game nowadays though, our guild only has one newbee afaik and she has gotten lotsa help and mentoring. Without that its close to impossible for new players to get integrated into daoc's fun side.. The RvR:D

Come to think about it, Tiac's account is almost 10 years, and I still remember borrowing mysseh' SM(Hug) to power lvl myself in malmo hehe :p

The only thing that has gotten worse during these years are the elitism that seems to exist in certain guilds. Dont get me wrong, it existed back then aswell but not as much as today. Its like a desease iv seen before, WoW comes immidiatly to mind. DAoC for me was the community, teamplay and a mature helpful playerdatabase, and its still is! And im very lucky who found ST and its people today, becouse this crowd remind of what I love about daoc back then Smile

Never the less I always come back to this game, and Ill prolly play until they shut the servers down for

awww well, enough babbling:P welcome to the guild Eyez!Very Happy
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Re: Application from old Eyez!

Post  old.Eyez on Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:42 am

Thanks for the warm welcome Tiac I love you and also thanks for the invite CHosen What a Face


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Re: Application from old Eyez!

Post  Himse on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:09 pm

welcome eyez!

hopefully take some runs with you soon!

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Re: Application from old Eyez!

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