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Post  Amuse on Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:34 am

Ok, found nowhere else to put it, so here it is :p

I grouped up with Ancient Reign tonight, and ive been looking for a guild in midgard since i started playing here a couple of months back. Now im playing mid full-time, so i asked if you were recruiting and was told to apply here by Chosenn.

I guess introductions are in order first.

My name is Stian, im Norwegian, and 23 yeras old.
i have been playing daoc on again/off again since before SI release, and i used to play on Prydwen back in the days.
By daytime im a welder, work allot on ships and land-based industry.
By night, im an MMO addict, general gamer and anime fanatic.

Some of the MMOs i have played indlcude:
Daoc, naturaly
Star Wars Galaxies (oh god SoE, why did you hafto ruin it?)
World of Warcraft (yeah i know, i hate myself for it to)
Eve Online (One of the best online games out there if you ask me, but to much of it is, well, to much)
Everquest 2
Age of Conan (so much potential, so little done with it)
Lord of the Rings Online
And lots of other smaller MMOS that i realy only tested.

My characters now are:
All Ywain1.

Lunama - Warlock (fully pvp templated)
Povi - Warrior ( Fully pvp templated, ML8 battlemaster)
Povia - BD (Moneymaker, Farm bitch and such)
Larfla - Shamy (Buffbot)

Want to play the warrior mainly in pvp. It is a bit low RR, only 2L3 now. Working on improving it every day, only started pvping with it last night :p

Used to play Alb on prydwen, and started on Ywain with my old buddies that i have been gaming with ever since i meet them back on prydwen, but we play less and less every day, so im swapping to midgard as my main realm.

Got a Cleric, Minstrel, Sorc and inf, all fully templated Smile

Guess thats it. a loong read i know, but bether that than to little.
If theres anything you want to know, just ask Smile

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Re: Application

Post  Chosen on Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:07 pm

Hey there mate,

Thanks for the application, I will now have a vote with the guildmembers, and come back to you as soon as possible =)

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