This is me!

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This is me!

Post  Chosen on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:44 am

Name: John Morten

Age: 223
Nationality: Norwegian


Chosenn - skald
Blizzian - Runemaster(darkcarver)
Kraika - Savage(h2h)
Kamuiheal - Healer(pac/mend)
Chikon - Shaman(bb)
Battat - Healer(bb)
Shadekiller - Hunter(Hybrid)
Noctiss - Skald
Fuzzman - Spiritmaster(PLer/Focus puller)

Something about myself:

23 years old. Live in Norway, and have played this game since beta release with my older brother Tiax/Qtu. Currently studying to someday become a cop.

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Re: This is me!

Post  Nc- on Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:05 am

Name: Kasper
Age: 26
Nationality: Danish

NcGimli - skald
NcSmax - Thane (Caster)
NcEromi - Bonedancer
NcImes - Warlock
NcExem - Shadowblade
NcImli - Healer
NcBuffs - Shaman
P.S All toons got RvR Templates on.

Something about myself:
Am 26, living in Cohpenhagen. Currently working with IT. Most of my spare time is used on working out and the remaining is for gaming (more or less).

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Re: This is me!

Post  shivhae on Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:56 am

name: Elly
age : 30
Nationality: Dutch (sadly enough)

Live in Zoetermeer. Currently unemployed looking for a job in the IT. My spare time i used on DAOC and i collect My little ponies. Rest of my spare time is used on my dog Shiva.

Characters: (norse only!!!!!!!)

Shivhae valk lvl 50 RR 12l1
Shiivhae valk lvl 50 rr 11 (2nd account) used by my bf mostly
Shivae healer lvl 50 rr 6lx
Shivaeh thane lvl 50 rr 8
shivvah zerker lvl 50 rr5
shivhaeh savage lvl 50 rr 5
Sheva healer lvl 50 rr 10l5 (2nd account) used by bf mostly
Xayide warrior lvl 50 rr 10l5
Arthica skald lvl 50 rr 9l1
Alissonn hunter lvl 50 rr 11l2
xenha shadowblade lvl 50 rr 3l6
xayidia warlock lvl 50 rr 5
shivha spiritmaster lvl 50 rr5
and a couple of other lowby toons plus shared bufbot account with my bf
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Re: This is me!

Post  Tiac on Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:32 am

name: Bjørn Thomas
age : 28
Nationality: Norwegian

I live in a house bymyself in Porsgrunn, same town as bo(humbugg) and my little brother Chosen.


Tiax - Zerker (temped ml10 cl10)
Qtu - RM (temped ml10 cl10)
Shadepew - Hunter (temped ml10 cl10)
Dottaknott- Shaman(temped ml10 cl10)
Ibsen - Warrior (temped ml10 cl10)

And 2 bbs.
Dansemus - Healer
Sadtroll - Shaman

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Post  Humbugg on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:21 am

Name : Christian What a Face
Age : 27 Razz
Nationality : Norwegian afro
City : Porsgrunn, Norway cheers

Characters :

Humbugg - Berserker - ML10 - RR5+ - Norse Like a Star @ heaven
Humtjukk - Bonedancer - ML10 - RR3+ - Kobold cheers
Rubenhood - Hunter - ML10 - RR4+ - Norse jocolor
Tjodleif - Spiritmaster - ML10 - RR2+ - Kobold scratch
Porrstjerne - Shadowblade - RR2+ - Norse lol!
Cavelock - Warlock - RR3+ - Frostalf Suspect
Eirstes - Warrior - RR2+ - Norse rabbit
Bollemusa - Shaman BB - ML5 - RR2+ - Frostalf pig
Ihaveasillyname - Skald (will soon be Rvr ready...) - Norse monkey
Starheal - 40+ Healer Pac/mend - Frostalf rabbit
Eirhildur - 40+ Shaman BB - Kobold scratch

+some other toons... affraid
35+ Valk
45+ Sm
35+ Savage


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Re: This is me!

Post  Bjoig on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:49 am

name: Morten ( The fucking real)
age : 25!!!
Nationality: danish

just see link below

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Re: This is me!

Post  Yu on Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:26 pm

Name : Kristian
Age : 26
Nationality : Danish


Yukalae - Runemaster
Yucalin - Shadowblade
Yuhsu - Thane
Yughale - Warlock
Yuleaf - Hunter

Also listed on "GimpChimp".

About me..

Living in Høje Taastrup, 30km, from Copenhagen, with my fiance and our 1½ year old son. At this time I'm jobless, but have a very wide job background.

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Mr l33t

Post  Arjan on Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:09 pm

Name: Arjan in 't Hout
Age: 28
Born: 26-09-1981
Nationality: Dutch some ppl think Mongolia Shocked

Bonedancer Ilovetopet RR8
Bonedancer Gaeiya RR2
Runemaster Loverbabe RR7
Runemaster Vavisa RR6
Spiritmaster Ilovetonuke RR3
Spiritmaster Magnartbl RR7
Spiritmaster Vavita RR2
Warlock Callistho RR5
Skald Boompie RR6
Skald Caelysto RR8
Mauler Maxsy RR8
Berserker Pristina RR6
Healer Shevae RR10
Valkyrie Shiivhae RR11
Valkyrie Vavikyr RR5
Hunter Vaviteer RR4
Hunter Wuppie RR5
Shaman Wupster RR5
Warrior Xayida RR4
Savage Caelisto RR5
Shadowblade Caellisto RR8
Shaman Buffinna RR6 <-- BB
Healer Apfhrodite RR2 <-- BB
Healer Ithica RR2 <-- BB

Think i got them all and if not i will edit king

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Re: This is me!

Post  Niroth on Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:26 pm


Name: Micke
Age: 25
Nationality: Swedish

Im pretty new to mid so still working on characters:

Niroth 5l6 Shadowblade - Solo
Keppa 2L7 Bonedancer - Supp
Marrus 2l3 Hunter (New) Sniper
Mordain 1l1 Savage! (New)
+ A healer and shaman bot

I live in stockholm/järfälla in sweden. Im in the construction business for now.


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Re: This is me!

Post  Bjarke on Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:07 pm

Name: Jesper B Power
Age: 30
Nationality: Danish but living in Ireland

Old EU player as most here I guess.
I am married to a lovely ( non gaming) Irish girl so thats why I am not online as much as I would want to.


Bjarke Thane
Astoven SM
Dwini Hunter
Fhran Zerker.

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Re: This is me!

Post  Trallalla on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:40 am

Name: Tina
Age: 24
Nationality: Norway

Hi, I'm a neewbie in daoc Razz
I am 24 years old and live in Horten, Norway.
Tiax is my boyfriend.

Trallalla - Skald (Alchemy) - rr3

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Re: This is me!

Post  Soazak on Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:26 am

My name is Carl, and I'm a homosexual.

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Re: This is me!

Post  Buffswithlove on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:33 am


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Re: This is me!

Post  Himse on Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:58 am

Name: Lee
Age: 20
From: UK

Characters -

Himster, 5l SM.

A little about myself;

I work currently from home doing freelance design work for construction companies. I'm also in a metal band!

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Re: This is me!

Post  Mevos on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:19 am

Jeez I guess I have to write down a couple lines here for those who don't know me.

Name: Girls usually call me Oh my God yes! but my real name is Marcus.

Age: Supposed to be immortal, but for now I live in the body of a 27-year old.

From: Sweden of course, can there be any other place to live?

Right now I only have my SM that is still in ST, but my toons tend to switch guilds like girls change underwear.

A little something about me then... Hmm, this is the part I hate.
I have been in ST on and off for, god how many years... 7 or something, under several different names and servers but with the core players the same. Most of which have left the wonderful world of DAoC by now. But I have know both Shiv and Arjan for years and years. I now come of a brake from DAoC that lasted around 4 months, so not sure who else is still around.

As you already have noticed I have a lot of humor, really bad humor that I am the only one to find fun, but that's okay, as long as I am laughing I can live with that Very Happy
I live in northern Sweden in a small town called Luleå where I work as a male nurse (yes it is true, and no I'm not gay). On my free time I read a lot or spend time with friends or just hanging around, when I'm not playing that is.

Pfff this was not supposed to be an essay, so I'll cut it off now. I'm look forward to getting to know you folks I have not met yet! Mevos out.

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Re: This is me!

Post  Lilmissnaughty on Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:30 am

Name: Maria

Age: 29

Nationality: British


Lilmissnaughtys - Bonedancer
+ a whole bunch of other Lilmissnaught... alts including skald, RM, SM, Hunter, SB, etc

Something about myself:

I was born a geordie but lost the accent and apparently aquired a porn voice. Awesome.

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Re: This is me!

Post  Solkrist on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:34 am

Name: Jeppe

Nationality: Danish

Age: 34


Solkrist (Mend/aug healer) rr 8l4
Fizzlefry (RC RM) rr 10l1
Krapyl (Zerk) rr 4
Fizzlefast (Skald) rr 6l6
Angriest (BG Warrior) rr 3

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Re: This is me!

Post  Halosspirit on Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:43 am

Name: Stijn Deveseleer
Age: 21
Job: I work at the national bank of belguim or better i go to there every day and spend 8 houres there and then i go back to my house to play my favorite game (you'll never guess) DAoC Shocked
Or i go out with friends.
Nationality: I live in Belguim and i speak flemish ( thats similar to dutch)

Toons are:

Halosspirit RR10 SM RvR Active
Halorunie RR5l7 RM RvR Active
Darlex RR4l5 Shaman RvR Active
Darlan RR3 Savage mainly used for PvE activities

You'll find out that all my toons are kobolds.... Cause they remind me of myself! Laughing

Looking forward to play with you all :-) .


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Re: This is me!

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